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After School Program

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Our Club provides a quality program for children six to 14 years of age through intentional, well organized and developmentally appropriate...

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Meet BGC North Simcoe


Clubs across the country open their doors to all kids and teens and our brand should reflect that. Removing gender from our name modernizes the BGC...

Support Received Through Mealshare and A&W Partnership

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Mealshare has partnered with A&W Canada to provide children and youth with healthy meals across Canada!

Mealshare Monday A&W

You can participate in two ways:


March 2020 Newsletter

It's Our 15th Anniversary!!!

On Saturday, March 14th we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary!!! We will be celebrating with a FREE family day...


Opportunity Changes Everything

BGC North Simcoe is a positive and safe place for children and youth to participate in quality programs and services that promote healthy growth and development. It is a great way for children and youth to channel their energies into positive, challenging activities that encourage personal growth, learning, community involvement and healthy living.

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