After School Program

After School Program

What We Offer

Our Club provides a quality After School program for children 6 to 14 years of age through intentional, well organized and developmentally appropriate programming for children in Midland and surrounding area. We meet the developmental needs of children by understanding the stages of child development and building assets and competencies relevant to supporting children to become successful adults. This program provides a safe and fun environment for children that promotes positive values and attitudes, enhances children's self-esteem and builds resiliency.

High Five

BGC North Simcoe is proud to be a registered High Five organization! High Five is a quality standard for recreation programs based on 5 core principles of healthy development to ensure children have positive experiences and programs are of the highest quality.

5 Principles of Healthy Child Development:

  • A Caring Adult
  • Play
  • Friends
  • Mastery
  • Participation

          $12day (1)

      For program availability, please email Ashleigh at

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