Newsletter - November 2018

Published November 01, 2018 18:52

Happy Fall!!

Here are some things to keep you up to date on the Club:

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Starting in November we will be beginning to actively practice our Emergency Evacuation Procedure Drills with all members of the Club. In November we will be running drills multiple days to ensure all members can attend. Going forward, the drills will be run at least once per month to ensure everyone’s safety in case of a real emergency. We ask for your cooperation and patience should you show up to pick up your child(ren) during these drills. Please note that due to the drills (and in the event of a real emergency), all members are required to wear footwear at all times. *Indoor shoes are encouraged and can be left here at the Club on our shoe racks*

Sun Life Dunk for Diabetes

We are excited to announce that we will be offering the Sun Life Dunk for Diabetes Program at the Club beginning in November!! The program is a national iniative in support of diabetes awareness and prevention and to teach Canadian youth the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Each week participants will participate in weekly, basketball-based fitness and nutrition challenges, with the chance to win fun prizes after each challenge is completed. There will be 4 weekly sessions that will run on Mondays from 4-5pm beginning Monday, November 12th.

Children's Evening Programs

Children’s Evening programs are back and in full swing! We will be offering 4 this month and they are free to all After School Program members! Our evenings will vary in theme, include dinner (unless otherwise stated) and are loads of fun! If your child(ren) are interested in any of our evening programs, please sign up with the Staff at the Sign Out Table (please register early as space is limited).

Labeling Personal Items

We ask that all personal belongings (jackets, backpacks etc.) are labelled. We have many of the same items and want to ensure things go home with the proper owners (please remember we are not responsible for lost or stolen items). We also ask that indoor shoes are brought to the program. We ask that shoes be worn always and with the changing weather indoor shoes are ideal. We have a shelf that indoor shoes can be stored on throughout the week.

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